The Student Organization Resource Fee, or SORF (yes, another acronym!), is a $5.50 fee that is collected from all University students at the beginning of each semester. But before you groan that it couldn't go to a latte, consider all the awesome this small fee does. The funds are pooled together and used to support the approved programs and activities of all of the Registered Student Organizations (RSOs).


You may be asking who gets to decide where the money goes. Well, that would be the eight elected student members and three staff members who sit on the SORF Board. They review submitted applications and are responsible with allocating SORF funds to RSOs to support their activities. So that small fee goes a long way to make the student life at the University of Illinois enriching and exciting.

Note: Contact office for current hours as they are subject to change based on student availability.

For more information, head on over and read about SORF. To apply for SORF funding, click here.

SORF mission slide

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