The Illini Union Art Gallery continues the Illini Union's mission to enrich the lives of students and the campus community through the freedom of expression and the value of each individual.

smart about art

The Illini Union Art Gallery is proud to feature shows from local and national artists, as well as works from university staff, faculty, and students. All shows are intended to represent the diverse spirit of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. If you are interested in having your work showcased, please fill out an application today.

april exhibit

Multiplexed  | Derek W. Clem
Multiplexed is informed by conversations with movie impassioned video-store clerks, theater ushers, concession workers, and ticket-tearers. These conversations include recommendations on what to watch.

may exhibit

The Michael Thomas Show | Michael Thomas
"I'm captivated by beauty in the human form, especially as it is expressed through dance. Music speaks to my heart and soul. Because of this, much of my work depicts the beauty, expression, and discipline demonstrated through dance and music. My most successful work contains an element of storytelling. These images illustrate a point or attempt to prompt a realization about the human condition."

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