board members

Executive Board

President: Jessalyn Flores | Contact
Vice President for Policy: Tomas Baliutavicius | Contact
Vice President for Programming: Louis Sommesi | Contact
Vice President for Internal Affairs & Finance: Roman Perez, Jr. | Contact

Programming Areas


Goal: To promote artistic expression, development and appreciation campus wide.

Does this by: Managing the Illini Union Art Gallery, sponsoring art competitions, hosting the Moms Weekend Craft Fair and booking local student performers.

Director: Vacant | Contact

cultural Programs

Goal: To promote an appreciation of diversity on campus.

Does this by: Working with a multitude of cultural student organizations to create cross-cultural programming open to the student body.

Director: Reba Vettiankal | Contact


Goal: To meet and academic and intellectual needs of the student body outside of the classroom.

Does this by: Organizing lectures; overseeing courses intended to develop students' skills and interests.

Director: Yani Bucio | Contact


Goal: To provide students with regular programming during the weekend period.

Does this by: Hosting the Illini Union Weekend Film Series, Quad Cinema screenings, and planning entertainment events for Thursday through Saturday. 

Director: Gil Garcia | Contact


Goal: To offer late night entertainment and programming alternatives to common college evening practices.

Does this by: Recruiting and booking local and national talent; planning activities and cuisine offerings.

Director: Ivana Garcia | Contact


Goal: To promote and brand IU Board effectively in order to engage the student body.

Does this by: Working with Illini Union Marketing to plan advertising and distribute these materials; producing the I-book; evaluating and assessing program success.

Director: Katie Reynoso | Contact


Goal: To plan large scale events each semester targeting diverse and sizable crowds.

Does this by: Organizing programs in collaboration with other student groups that are not currently featured on the campus in order to fulfill needs and requests.

Director: Vacant | Contact


Goal: To plan and execute historical tradition programs at Illinois. 

Does this by: Being responsible for the African-American Homecoming programs, Moms and Dads Weekends and additional events that honor the Illini Union legacy.

Director: Vacant | Contact


Interim Director of the Illini Union: Becki Salzman
Faculty/Staff Representatives: Courtney Becks, Chaya Sandler
Staff Advisory Council Representative: Vacant
Alumni Association Representative: Vacant


Assistant Director for Student Programs and Activities: J.B. Bailey
Program Advisor: David Mizell
IU Board Secretary: Kamara Davis

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