With more than 1,800 organizations at Illinois, you are sure to find one that excites you and matches your interests and hobbies. If by some chance you don't find one to join, then go ahead and just start your own!

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UofIConnections is a website database utilized by the Office of Registered Organizations to centralize, organize and increase student involvement opportunities. It provides the tools for managing student organizations and empowering student learning across the university. Prospective organizations, as well as existing organizations, must use the UofIConnections database to register. 

The UofIConnections database is also where the treasurer of an organization can submit a request to receive SORF funding. The Office of Registered Organizations encourages all students to visit and explore the UofIConnections website and create a profile within the system even if they are not a member of a registered organization.

want to start your own?

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