Account Information Request Form
All Organization Fund Account (RO and Charity) transactions are tracked in Banner, the University software system which is only accessible by authorized staff. To make an inquiry regarding an account, treasurers must complete an Account Information Request Form and submit it to the front desk in the Office of Registered Organizations (284 Illini Union). The request will be processed and the transaction sheet can be picked up the next business day (M-F) after 1:00 p.m. The treasurer must show his/her ID when requesting or picking up account information at the Office of Registered Organizations.

Authorized Agent
An authorized agent is the president, treasurer, and three other named members listed registered with the Office of Registered Organizations. While the treasurer is the ONLY authorized agent that is permitted to manage financial matters, other authorized agents can conduct business matters on behalf of the RO (check out equipment, submit space requests, and authorize copies at the ReSOurce Center).

Automatic Payment/Transfer
An organization can authorize automatic payment from their RO Account to a University department to pay for services provided or reimburse a department for making a purchase on behalf of their organization. The organization must have sufficient funds in its account prior to authorization.

Banner Vendor Number & Vendor Information Form
A vendor is an individual, group, or business that has agreed to provide goods or services for a registered organization. Payment to a vendor requires that they be assigned a Banner Vendor Number before receiving payment from the University. This number serves as a “tracking” number beginning with @ followed by a sequence of numbers for that particular vendor. The vendor must complete a Vendor Information Form in order for the University to assign them a Banner Vendor Number. The Banner Vendor Number should be used on subsequent trans- actions involving that particular vendor.

Similarly, if the vendor has been paid by the University before, they should already have an assigned University Banner Vendor Number.

Cash Advance
An organization can request a check for cash from the RO Account made payable to an individual to pay for items. Money must be used for purposes it was originally intended for. Requested amount may not exceed current balance of organization’s account.

Cashiers Office
Located in Room 100 of Henry Administration Building, the Cashiers Office manages deposits and the disbursement of checks from the RO Account. All deposits into the RO Account or Charity Account must be made at the Cashiers Office. Additionally, check requests that are processed from the RO Account with the delivery method marked as “pick-up” can be obtained at the Cashiers Office by the treasurer or payee. NOTE: Checks will be issued as a direct deposit for students, faculty, and staff.

Charity Account
A Charity Account is a separate account established for registered organizations that is used solely for charity and philanthropic fundraising events intended to benefit others. All money deposited into Charity Accounts must be donated to the specified charity within 30 days of the fundraising event, clearing event and leaving the account with a zero balance.

Clearing a Cash Advance/Activity
Clearing essentially means that the money needs to be accounted for with documented proof that the money was used for intended purposes. To clear a cash advance, you must submit paid itemized receipts to the Registered Organizations Office for the portion of the money you used. Any unused portion must be deposited into your RO Account, providing a deposit slip of that transaction to the Office of Registered Organizations. Fundraisers are cleared by submitting a deposit slip of the transaction to the Office of Registered Organizations within two business days of the event. Charity events require an additional step, which involves donating to the intended organization within 30 days of the fundraising event, leaving a zero balance.

Contractual Services
Fee associated with professional services provided for an organization. Such services may include, but is not limited to speakers, lecturers, musicians, comedians, theater performers, referees, judges, and on-site athletic trainers. Note: When contractual services are partially funded by SORF, proper documentation must be submitted and payment must be made out of the RO Account. An outside bank account will NOT be reimbursed for payment of contractual services.

Each organization and its treasurer is responsible for maintaining a positive financial status with its Organization Fund Accounts. When an account is overdrawn and has insufficient funds to cover expenses, an organization will become encumbered. The organization is faced with the financial burden of removing the debt from their Organization Fund Accounts. If the RO Account remains delinquent/negative 30 days past notification by the Office of Registered Organizations, the organization will not be able to access services provided to RSOs.

Event Budget Form
The Event Budget Form outlines the financial dynamics of the program including the items being sold, cost, anticipated income, and event budget. This form must be submitted to the Office of Registered Organizations along with corresponding Space Request Form for fundraising activities. Organization must indicate whether money is being collected via the sale items, admission/participation fee, or raffle ticket sales. If raffle tickets are being sold, organization must obtain a permit from the city in which the drawing will be held, and present a copy for our records.

Foreign National
Tax and immigration laws can complicate payments or reimbursements to an individual that is classified as a foreign national/not a U.S. citizen. Certain documentation, specific to the individual’s visa type is needed to remit payment. Please note, because of additional paperwork and requirements involved, reimbursements or payments to foreign nationals may take longer to process.

Plan ahead if you are paying or reimbursing individual(s) considered Foreign Nationals. Refer to link for more information: cfm?level=1&path=foreign&xmldata=foreign1

A bill for services rendered or goods delivered. An invoice serves as documentation needed to access funds from the RO Account or to seek reimbursement from SORF.

Letter of Agreement
The Letter of Agreement is a document that can be used as a contract between an organization and a provider of services such as DJs, lecturers, referees, judges, performers, and bands. The document must be completed by both parties. Submit original agreement to the Office of Registered Organizations with a voucher requesting payment from the Organization Fund Account. If using SORF allocated funds, you must also submit a SORF Expenditure Request Form.

Letter of Donation
When donating money to a charitable organization, a typed letter of donation from the RO to the specified charity or organization must be submitted with the voucher in order to remit payment.

Office of Business and Financial Services (OBFS)OBFS supports the business and financial operations of the University and assists units in their daily operations. Once vouchers and SORF expenditure request forms are approved through the Registered Organizations Office, they are sent to OBFS payables department for checks to be processed for payment.

Office of Registered Organizations
The Office of Registered Organizations is located in Room 284, on the south end (Quad side) of the Illini Union. This Office is the drop-off site for paperwork including vouchers, space request forms, budget event forms, account information request forms, and SORF. SORF business operations including student Board member offices, allocation meetings are housed here. An adding machine is available for use when required to submit totals on an adding machine tape with deposits and vouchers.

Outside Bank Account
Should an organization choose to have a non-University bank account in their organization’s name, the organization assumes all responsibility involved in managing the account. This account may NOT be used for money collected on University premises or generated using University premises, except for money collected for dues. Should your organization choose to open such an account, you must have your own Employee Identification Number (EIN) to do so. Registered organizations are NOT authorized to use the University’s EIN or tax-exempt status.

Organization Fund Account/University Account
Accounts (RO and Charity) specifically established for use by registered student organizations. All money collected using University property, facilities, or services must be deposited into the appropriate University account at the Cashiers Office, Room 100 in Henry Administration Building.

Organization Fund Advisory Board (OFAB)
The Organization Fund Advisory Board operates as a “council of treasurers” to provide financial overview and recommendations on the use of the earned interest from the Organization Fund Accounts.

Raffle Permit
If raffle tickets are being sold as part of a fundraising event, you must obtain a permit from the city in which the drawing is being held. If in Champaign, obtain permit at City Clerk’s Office, 102

N. University Street, Champaign, IL and if in Urbana, obtain permit at City Clerk’s Office, 400 S. Vine Urbana, IL. Permit number is needed when submitting Event Budget Form.

RSO Office
The RSO Office is located in Room 285, on the south end (Quad side) of the Illini Union. The office is the point for reserving and picking up equipment such as pop-up tents, tables, cash boxes, chalk, and admission/raffle tickets. Multimedia equipment including laptops, LCD projectors, and microphones is available for ROs and should be reserved and picked up at Event Services Room 129, located on the first floor on the north end of the building (Green Street side). 

Space Request Form
Commonly referred to as the Space Request Form, the “Request for Use of University Premises and Facilities UIUC” form is need-ed to get permission to hold an event on University property. Completed forms must be submitted to the Office of Registered Organizations (284 Illini Union) for approval prior to space being assigned. Once the space request is approved, it is sent via campus mail to the appropriate office that handles scheduling for the specific space requested. An organization may choose to do a walk-thru of the space request form. This means the group requesting the space literally walks the form to the appropriate reservation office that assigns the space being requested. If you choose to do a walk-thru, you must notify the front desk assistant when submitting the request form so that they can attach the required form for a walk-thru. Forms indicated as walk-thru can be picked up the next business day after 1 p.m.

Student Organization Complex (SOC)
The SOC is located in Room 280, on the south end (Quad side) of the Illini Union, down the hall from the Registered Organizations Office. This area, including office space and mailboxes, is managed by Illini Union Board.

Student Organization Resource Fee (SORF)
SORF is a mandatory fee collected from all students each semester at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A Board of 8 elected students and 3 appointed staff determine how fees are allocated. SORF fees fund the operation of Student Legal Service and Tenant Union. The remaining amount is available for ROs to apply for funding in support of their programs and activities.

Study Abroad Office Student Group Form
This reporting form is used by the Study Abroad Office (SAO) as part of its registration process for ROs that are participating in international travel. Form must be submitted to the Study Abroad Office at the time of the organization’s SORF request. There are specific deadlines for international travel over Thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, and summer. See application and allocation schedule for details.

SORF Expenditure Request Form
This form must be submitted along with voucher and supporting documentation in order to access your SORF allocation. Once submitted, SORF allocation will be transferred into your RO Account and payment will be processed to payee. A separate form is required for each individual/group/business person seeking reimbursement or receiving payment.

Form needed to access money in Organization Fund Account to pay bills, reimburse individuals or departments, authorize automatic payment, or receive a cash advance.

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