Friday Funnies

The Lineup


Join us every Friday of the semester in the Illini Union Courtyard Cafe at 7 pm for a night of laughter. These nights will feature campus comedy/improv groups, local funny people, or national comedians and improv groups. 

Comedians in bold indicate professional performers coming to the Courtyard Café stage!

January 19: Ben Palmer
January 26: Kelly Kellz
February 2: Spicy Clamato Improv & Odd Request Improv
February 9: Victoria Vincent (opening act: RSO Phoenix Improv Company)
February 16: Hive Society Improv & Spicy Clamato Improv
February 23: Odd Request Improv & Phoenix Improv Company
March 1: Spicy Clamato Improv & Phoenix Improv Company
March 22: Hive Society Improv & Odd Request Improv
March 29: Hollywood Murder Mystery - prizes for the winners!
April 12 (Moms Weekend): Derrick Knopsnyder (opening act: RSO Hive Society Improv)
April 19: Phoenix Improv Company & Spicy Clamato Improv
April 26: Odd Request Improv & Hive Society Improv