IU Board Craft & Vendor Fair


The Illini Union Board Craft and Vendor Fair will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2024.

Click Here for Vendor Map and Listing, along with location and directions.

Priority Registration:
Returning Vendors will have a priority registration period for booth space before any newcomers to the Illini Union Board Craft and Vendor Fair. Returning vendor registration will open on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 at 9:30 a.m. CST.


1. Please visit Marketspread and "apply" - this fills out your information and puts in your credit card information prior to registration. 

  • It will say there is a possible $200 fee - but that isn't charged on our backend. You will NOT be charged until you select your booth(s) on Wednesday. 
  • Please complete this process by TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20 at Noon.

2. We will approve everyone by Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 4pm.

3. On registration day - Wednesday, February 21: you will receive via email the REGISTRATION link. 

  • When you click on the registration link on Wednesday - you will see to the right of your company name the BOOK NOW link. That will take you to the page to select your booth(s) and make the secured payment.

Booth Rental: The booth rental fee this year is $200/booth. It's a non-refundable fee. Vendors can rent up to three (3) booths.

Table Rentals: Table rental fees will remain the same. Up to four (4) tables can be provided per booth at a rate of $5/table. Table requests must be made at least two (2) weeks in advance. If the table request is made less than two weeks in advance, the cost is $10/table.

Craft Fair

Registration Reminders

  • Due to changes with overall University of Illinois policy, we are no longer allowed to accept contracts through an online system and must receive contracts with your signature. As a result, vendors will still log into our registration system at the designated date and time to select booths and provide payment. Then, following your submission, vendors will need to return a signed contract to the Illini Union Board within ten (10) business days to complete registration. Failure to return contracts within this time period will result in a forfeiture of your registration and paid fees will be refunded.
  • Signed agreements can be returned to the Illini Union Board via hand delivery, email, fax, or United State Postal Service (or any equivalent delivery service (see the contract for exact details).
  • Also due to university policy, the university is requiring all vendors, who are selling food products or items involving chemicals (such as cleaning supplies, perfumes, and soaps), to certify they are insured as outlined in the IU Board Craft and Vendor Fair contract. Certificates of insurance do not have to be shared with the Illini Union Board unless we specifically request them, however, vendors selling these items must hold such insurance. Should vendors have questions about this requirement, please contact us prior to registration opening so that we can address them.
  • As our organization operates as part of the University of Illinois, we must abide by all of their policies and procedures and ask our guests to do the same. We appreciate your understanding. 

Sales Tax Information

The current sales tax rate on general retail sales in Urbana is 9.000% (Effective 1/1/2014).
For more information, please visit the City or Urbana Government website at http://urbanaillinois.us/government/finance/sales-tax-rates.

Parking Information

Parking Options Please check lot signage to ensure that your space is available on weekends for visitors, as IUB is not able to reimburse or pay for tickets issued to vendors. University parking lots have free parking on weekends, but make sure if you use one of these lots that you do not park at a metered or reserved space.

Recommended Parking Lots

Lot B1 - Located at the corner of Matthews and Springfield.

  • To walk back to the Union, turn left onto Matthews and follow it to Green Street. Turn right onto Green Street.
  • The Illini Union is located on the left side of Green Street, 1401 W. Green St.; this will take you to the Hotel side (North entrance) of the Illini Union
  • To get to the Vendor check-in table, turn right as you exit the hotel lobby and then you will turn left and follow this main hallway until it dead-ends in the Southwest lobby, which is where the Vendor check-in table is located

WiFi Information

You will be given WiFi access information on the morning of the show.

Lunch Information

Due to continuing staffing challenges, we unfortunately do not believe we will be able to offer the opportunity to purchase boxed lunches as a part of a registration. If there is a change in this status, we will let everyone know. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Illini Union restaurants on the first floor and lower level will be open if you want to eat on site.


When will I be able to set up my booth?
Complete information for both load in and load out of your booth will be e-mailed to you within two weeks after you have successfully registered your booth.

How do I become a Craft and Vendor Fair participant?

Will there be Wifi access?
For complete information on how to access Wifi while on campus, click the following link - http://www.library.illinois.edu/it/helpdesk/visitorillinoisnet_start.html.

Do I have to pay taxes on any items I sell?
You are responsible for paying all necessary and required taxes for any items you sell during the Moms Weekend Craft and Vendor Fair. The current sales tax rate on general retail sales in Urbana, IL is 9%. For complete information regarding the sales tax rate, click the following link - http://www.urbanaillinois.us/government/finance/sales-tax-rates.

Will there be any meal options during the Craft and Vendor Fair?
There are various food vendors located within the Illini Union.

Can I move booth locations?
No. Once you select your booth location, you will not be able to relocate.

Am I only permitted to sell handmade items or can I sell items that are trademarked and/or copyrighted?
Craft and Vendor Fair participants sell a variety of items. Per the Vendor Booth Space Rental Contract, you can sell both handmade and resale items. Please take note that you are responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses required to sell any trademarked items. For complete information, please review the Vendor Booth Space Rental Contract by clicking the following link - Vendor Booth Space Rental Contract.

Where can I park after I've unloaded my vehicle and dropped my items off at my booth, and is free parking provided?
Free parking is not provided. University parking lots have free parking on weekends, but make sure if you use one of these lots that you do not park at a metered or reserved space. Lot B1 is the recommended parking lot for vendors. IUB is not able to reimburse or pay for tickets issued to vendors. For complete information about parking, click the following link - Parking.

Do I have to sign a contract to participate in the Moms Weekend Craft and Vendor Fair, and if so, where can I review that contract?
Yes. Upon completing booth registration, vendors will need to sign the contract and return it to the Illini Union within ten (10) business days. 

Will I have access to electricity in my booth?
Electricity can be available in your booth. However you must request access to an electrical outlet when you register for your booth. You will not be able to request electricity on the day of the Craft and Vendor Fair.

What are the costs associated with having a booth at the Moms Weekend Craft and Vendor Fair?
There is a $200 non-refundable fee per booth for up to a maximum of three (3) booths. The Illini Union can provide up to four (4) tables (6'x 32" x 29") per booth at a cost of $5 per table, provided that the request for tables is made to the Illini Union at least two (2) weeks before the Event. Any table rentals the day of the craft and vendor fair will cost $10 each.

Is this a juried show?
No, this is not a juried show. The Moms Weekend Craft and Vendor Fair is designed to be a showcase of various vendors from the surrounding Illinois community.

Do you limit the amount of vendors per item?
No, it is a first-come, first-serve registration process. Therefore, the Illini Union Board does not limit the number of vendors per craft or vendor item.

I will need a hotel. Do you recommend any?
Moms Weekend is one of the Champaign-Urbana community's most popular weekends. We encourage people to make plans ahead of time for any hotel stays.